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Mocktail: non-alcoholic cocktail

A mocktail is an alcohol-free cocktail. From a wide range of tasty cocktails without alcohol, We are always looking for the best mocktails. Enjoy the classic Mojito or Pina Colada in a non-alcoholic cocktail variety. Or get that great summer feeling with a delicious fruit cocktail. Cheers!

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12 Item(s)

Cocktail without alcohol

Cocktails without alcohol are becoming increasingly popular. Cocktails are delicious to drink at a party or outside on a terrace, only you want or may not always have an alcoholic drink. Mocktails are a nice alternative if you have to get up early, with pregnancy and medication. And of course for a healthy lifestyle, fewer calories and the non-alcholic drinking driver.

Cocktails often consist of liqueurs or spirits for which is nowadays a good alcohol-free alternative. Fortunately, many cocktail recipes lend themselves perfectly to a non-alcoholic version. In addition to alcohol-free Mojito or Pina Colada without alcohol, think of alcohol-free Caipirinha or Daiquiri. Or try another summer fruit cocktail like Sex on the Beach or Sangria without alcohol. Or mix your alcohol-free gin tonic yourself.

Buy non-alcoholic cocktail online

Whether you want to have the alcohol-free cocktail ready-to-use or as an addition in your own mocktail recipe. Buy your favourite alcohol-free cocktail safely online at Deliciousdrinksshop.co.uk. All mocktails can be ordered per piece and are usually delivered in 3-4 working days with buyer protection up to £ 2,500,-.

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