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Non-alcoholic beer

52 Item(s)

52 Item(s)

Alcohol-free beer: a tasty and healthy alternative!

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to beer with alcohol? Deliciousdrinksshop.co.uk offers special alcohol-free beer. With us, you will not only find alcohol-free beer of well-known brands such as Birell, Clausthaler, Erdinger. Our wide selection also offers special alcohol-free beer from brands such as Bitburger, Budweiser, Budels, Franziskaner and Jever.

Alcohol-free beer is perfect for people who are serious about their bodies, such as sportsmen or people on a diet. Drinking beer during a get-together, a dinner or party is fairly ingrained in our culture. Maybe you want to cut down on alcohol, or you’re not allowed to drink it due to medication use, pregnancy or because you have to drive? Alcohol-free beer offers the solution!

What exactly is alcohol-free beer?

According to European rules, alcohol-free beer has an upper limit of 0.5% alcohol. Beer with a higher alcohol percentage up to 1.2% is called ‘low-alcohol’. All our beers contain a maximum of 0.5% alcohol. You will always find the exact percentage in the product description.

We are the largest online shop specialising in alcohol-free beer. Here you can order your favourite alcohol-free beers 24/7. It is Deliciousdrinksshop.co.uk ambition to have a broad, high-quality assortment. All alcohol-free beers are tested or have been favourably reviewed by professional journalists. And what’s more: you can buy our alcohol-free beer at competitive prices!

Take a look at our wide selection of alcohol-free beers

Have you become curious for our tasty supply of alcohol-free beers? Visit our assortment of alcohol-free beers immediately. We offer a selection of alcohol-free pilsners, wheat beers & tastes, weizen beers and Amber and dark alcohol-free beer. Of course, alcohol-free beer is not only a treat for you, but also makes a nice present for others! Our aim is to deliver all orders within 48 hours.